Daniel Wise

Daniel Wise was born and raised in pick-up truck and shotgun land in the Appalachian Mountains. Like everything else in Dan's life, his production career developed in an unorthodox way. He didn't come up the ladder in a large urban studio. His introduction into the music business came as an Artist where he lead a band that toured heavily on the East Coast and opened for the likes of Cheap Trick and Tom Petty. Dan always preferred the recording side of being an artist and decided to move to New York; purchased some recording equipment and set up a tiny home studio in Hell's Kitchen where he proceeded to record demos for everyone under the sun.

Dan is a producer first, and when he felt that he needed to step up his sonics, he used his demo savings to rent a studio in Chelsea, which he slowly built up to eventually include his dream-desk - a 1973 Neve 8038, that happened to be the original board from the Kink's KONK Studios. After that, Dan built The Shed on 3rd. ave in NYC. He upgraded his desk to an AMEK 9098i to facilitate more complex mixing schemes, but couldn't part with the Neve, so he racked the entire board and has both consoles in his control room.

Dan brings a great deal to the table when making a record. Aside from his talents as a producer and engineer, Dan is a very talented songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. As an artist, he conveys a certain sensitivity when working on a project, and describes his goal when making a record as staying invisible. "I don't have a signature sound, my signature is bringing the best out of the artist, and it feels awesome when I get things that they didn't even realize they had in them. My sound is not part of the equation, I just try to capture the artist at those moments when they are at their best, in the best possible way." Daniel has worked with such artists as SCISSOR SISTERS for Universal, THE SECRET MACHINES for Warner Brothers, EVEN THE ODD for Wrong Records, THE EXIT for Windup, and critically acclaimed records for 22 BRIDES for Universal/Zero Hour. He also produced two albums for MACEO PARKER (WAR/EFA), projects that involved performances by ANI DIFRANCO, JAMES TAYLOR, and PRINCE, in addition to producing and co-writing several tracks with JOAN OSBORNE. Dan also produced the debut album for Danish recording artist MARIE FRANK (BMG) who won 4 Grammies including Best Pop Album, Best New Artist, and Best Female Vocal, and a track for DAVID POE's (EPIC) "late album". Other artists that have been through the studio are HERBIE HANCOCK, JOHN MAYER, and ROD STEWART.